Welcome to ITCHEFN!

This is where we welcome you to an entire Culinary Old School World lost in History!  When the Farmers meets the Chef, or when the Chef meets the Farmers, we have all that covered in our research now. We are reviving the fact that Chefs should learn to grow their own produce, getting them even closer to their own  specifically chosen ingredients than ever before.  In 2012 we produced almost 400 lbs. of pumpkins, from one pumpkin we simply threw out into the X-garden the fall before.  In 2015 we produced over 600 lbs. of Tomatillos that were locally produced our solid Salsa Verde recipe.  That was done in very limited space, less than .60 acres, in a neighborhood.  We now collaborate with So-Bro Campus in Broad Ripple Indianapolis, and have expanded to Campus-“C” next door.

Our research into greenhouse designs and sunlight re-fraction (reflective bubble wrap used to ship candy, paint and other materials susceptible to temperature, easy and cheap if not free in most cases) to increase the growth rates has increased year-round without full greenhouse protection.  March to March growth rates with root veggies has been accomplished at the Main X-Campus.  We are expanding our experimentation to different soils, harsher environments such as sand and weak or younger soils. Our goals are to ultimately assist the Astronauts that will endure months in space with much less than we have to work with.  We also wish to make it easy enough for anyone to grow and prepare their own produce with minimal efforts.  If we can get just one seed to propagate and extend its life pattern 12 months, in harsh weather here on earth, we will have achieved our goals.   Getting a seed, or plant to do that take lots of bug poop, and a little time to perfect organically grow on it’s own.  We educate/knowledge-base all when they accept the information we can provide through our experiments.